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    Bonnie Lee Black wrote: In 1961, when I was sixteen, I spent the summer at a grand mansion on the Penobscot Bay in Maine. My German maternal grandmother was one of many live-in servants who worked for the wealthy couple whose summer residence this was. My grandmother was in her early seventies at that time and tired; I was there to assist her with her laborious work.

    This experience immersed me in a world most of us never see in person: the world of the super-rich. And I came away feeling deeply — and indelibly — that their lives are far from enviable.

    To me, as a shy and naïve (but observant) sixteen-year-old, the woman of the house, or “Madam,” as my grandmother and the rest of the household help called her, seemed to be straightjacketed by conventions and expectations. Why, she can’t even walk into her own enormous kitchen and make herself a ham-and-cheese sandwich! I thought to myself then. The cook would have had to do that for her. The Madam appeared to me to be helpless. Even pitiable. She wasn’t free. ...

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