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    May 22, 2020:
    • Coyote pups rescued.
    • New Pantoja protesters block the public road again - impacts El El Pípila alternate route.
    • Municipal Government seeks dialogue with inhabitants of Nuevo Pantoja.
    • Cattle are stolen from a rancher in the Bandita community; they poison dogs.
    • Guanajuato expects a good agricultural cycle.
    • Other News Headlines.
    • Find a place to nap.

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    Coyote pups rescued
    Dolores Hidalgo- Personnel from the Directorate of Environmental Protection of the Municipality of Dolores Hidalgo in coordination with the Volunteer Fire Department rescued seven coyote pups that were trapped in a drainage channel, the animals were left available to the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection of Mexico.

    The 7 coyote puppies of the Canis latrans species, were located thanks to a citizen report where they reported that inside a pipe in the community of El Potrero de la Salud there were several disoriented puppies inside it.

    With the collaboration of the rescue team of the elements of Voluntary Firefighters, it was possible to extract the cubs who were given food and water.
    Coyote pups rescued (sp).

    New Pantoja protesters block the public road again
    San Miguel de Allende, Gto.- (OEM-Informex) .- This morning (May 21), residents of Nuevo Pantoja, blocked with stones, one of the main streets of this ejido land. Due to the fact that there are still manifestations of overcharging by the San Miguel de Allende Drinking Water and Sewerage System.

    At least a dozen people placed the stones in the middle of one of the dirt roads in the area, which now serves as an alternate route for vehicles entering the municipality from Celaya and going to the upper part of the city or to Querétaro . The road is used in order to avoid the traffic generated by the "El Pípila" overpass work .

    The situation caused vehicle chaos again among some cars that were stuck inside Nuevo Pantoja, as the inhabitants of this place closed their way, who continue to express themselves due to the problem they have in excessive water charges due to not having a meter. And it is to be noted that this area of ​​Nuevo Pantoja, being ejido land, has not yet been regularized, so to date and after 40 years, these families still do not have legal certainty about the place where they live, situation that makes it impossible to become creditors of basic services.
    New Pantoja protesters block the public road again (sp).

    Municipal Government seeks dialogue with inhabitants of Nuevo Pantoja
    Neighbors of Nuevo Pantoja and representatives of the municipal government met this day to find solutions to the problems they face in this neighborhood, the municipality seeks the acceptance of the inhabitants to divert heavy traffic in the area.
    San Miguel de Allende, Gto. - After listening to the concerns of the residents, the representatives of the municipality presented a series of proposals that will help to solve the problems of water and the use of alternative roads to “La Obra” (Depressed Step El Pípila), which pass through the neighborhood.

    Aware that they are in an irregular settlement, the settlers requested stops, the presence of traffic agents and lighting to avoid accidents in the area.

    The municipality, through the SAPASMA (Drinking Water and Sewerage System of San Miguel de Allende) proposed a proposal so that the collection of water is fairer for the settlers, who accepted that there is a problem of water leakage that increases the cost of the service due to a hydraulic network that they ordered to be built and that presents deficiencies.
    Municipal Government seeks dialogue with inhabitants of Nuevo Pantoja (sp).

    Cattle are stolen from a rancher in the Bandita community; they poison dogs
    Twenty-five heads of cattle were stolen from a Bandita ranch. Last night, the thieves arrived and took the animals that were in their corral located in the La Esperanza area. Before starting, the thieves used poisoned chorizo poisoned to kill the four of the dogs that were watching the cattle.
    Cattle are stolen from a rancher in the Bandita community; they poison dogs (sp).

    Guanajuato expects a good agricultural cycle
    Guanajuato expects a good agricultural cycle, as the production of 600 thousand tons of food is projected , between corn and sorghum.

    "It is projected that we have a good cycle of corn, producers are opting more for corn, because it gives higher yields, this year it is projected that it does have a good price due to the pandemic and there are some 400 thousand hectares that they will be sown with this grain.

    "There are another 200,000 that are going to be produced from sorghum, it continues to be produced despite the pests, since animal feed is needed, so there are 200,000 hectares that are going to be planted and this guarantees us to have the necessary production to satisfy the demand of the state ”, said José Francisco Gutiérrez Michel, secretary of Agri-Food and Rural Development of Guanajuato.
    Guanajuato expects a good agricultural cycle (sp).


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    Find a place to nap

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