• Rachel
    Dear San Miguelians,

    It is hard to believe how quickly things have changed in the last few months. The COVID 19 pandemic is a global public health crisis. There are close to 40,000 confirmed cases and just under 4,000 deaths in Mexico alone . This crisis is affecting everyone – especially vulnerable populations.

    This pandemic has showed us that education is vital as many children today cannot go to school. As many of you know, Centro Infantil de los Angeles, a key community organization, had to suspend classes at our daycare and preschool to ensure the safety of our students, staff, and families.

    Thankfully, our program has continued through distance learning. Teachers are preparing weekly tools and resources to implement educational activities. Parents are provided with materials, calendars, and teaching tips to ensure our students are still learning. This means that parents have had to dedicate their time to educating their children instead of working. Because of this, our families are in desperate need of support during this quarantine.

    • 180 families are supported by Centro Infantil.
    • 90% of Centro Infantil families rely on our program to make a living.
    • 40% of Centro Infantil families are currently in crisis – they cannot afford basic needs.

    We are asking for additional support to go towards our family’s needs for the remainder of this quarantine. Please help by providing resources to buy thermometers, face masks and cleaning materials so we can ensure a healthy return to whatever the new normal will be. We want to ensure that Centro Infantil families do not have to worry about losing their monthly income to buy basic needs and can focus on the education of their children.

    With your support we will continue to provide our students with excellent education through distance learning while supporting our families basic needs to do so - keeping everyone safe.

    Donate Today:
    For information regarding In-kind donations please contact

    Thank You!

    Rachel Frey
    Director of Development
  • Glenn Wilson
    Centro Infantil de los Angeles
    To learn more or donate visit Helping Vulnerable Families during COVID 19.
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