• Glenn Wilson
    Natalia Ospina: I was born and grew up in New York City. My parents immigrated there from Colombia. Mine was an family that invested every waking moment pushing ahead its endeavor to establish the economic base that would make the many sacrifices worthwhile. My parents started their own business from scratch. They devoted night and day, weekday and weekend to make it grow. They plowed through all tasks, big and small, to make sure the business survived and grew so that we could survive and grow. Just like all New York City dwellers, our lives were a choreography of efficiency in chaos.

    In that setting, before underground cell phone service in the subway, there was down time underground. The mind could settle when you were fortunate enough to find a free seat on the train and there close your eyes. Our family situation in New York did not allow time for eating together, for immersing together in kitchen duties and the pleasure of sharing the table. I had a cup of Tropicana "orange juice" for breakfast as I walked out the door, a ten dollar sandwich-and-something-else lunch and a decent, balanced dinner. None of these meals were shared with the family. Food existed just to feed the body, the overworked motor, not to feed the soul. Later I learned to share meals with the computer screen while I worked. I felt a great void in my stomach and in my being.

    When I had the chance, I left. I chased my own, very different idea of life all the way to Mexico. Here I found my husband Adrián through him a new rhythm around food where every meal is a special occasion.

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  • Jennifer Hamilton
    We have been trying to order pies all week from Carmita with no success, no answer on phone, no response to emails. ¿Que paso?
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