• Zoe
    This is something you could do ... IF you are in the same position as me.

    First I am not afraid of the virus so I leave my house when necessary. (I wear a mask so other fearful people are comfortable.) Second I know Mexicans in the community. So I wrote the below email to my ex-pat neighbors.

    I chose to work thru a known individual rather than the existing political structure as those structures are often corrupt. I would go directly to the needy families but I don't know who they are.


    As you are probably aware there are a lot of little local food banks being set up. I wanted to work with my more immediate neighbors so I chose XXXX I then identified a Mexicana I have known for 8 years who has lived in that neighborhood for 20 years. She is very honest. She herself is doing OK during this time. And she knows who has what.

    I will be delivering food to her … not money … and she will be distributing to the families that are truly in need. If you care to join me in this food distribution to your neighbors, then email me back. We can go from there.

    I don’t need kudos or recognition for this. It is simply the right thing. And someone needs to coordinate it from this side as my Mexican friend will be coordinating it from that side.

    P.S. for this post

    I was given this as the list of the most helpful foods. I know they won't eat veggies. Allergic to green!!! And I will shop as much as possible in the local tienda.

    1 kilo of beans
    1 kilo of rice
    1 kilo of lentil
    50 grams of oatmeal
    1 or 2 tuna cans
    4 pastas
    1 pack of jello
    1 liter of cooking oil
    1 kilo of sugar
    1 package of 4 rolls of toilet paper.

    This is for a week for a family of four.

    The estimated cost wholesale is about $185MXN ... Personally I will spend a little more so the tienda gets their fair share.

    The list made me laugh. That much sugar?!?! And I would sprout the lentils But I'm not the policeman. My goal is to help them be comfortable ... while they make their own choices.

    As a famous politician here keeps saying ... I will give you the tools, but you must do the work. He also helps them be minimally comfortable.

    Ciao 4 niao ... Zoë
  • Zoe
    It's working! I'm a real food bank!!! Mostly me ... and a kind neighbor here and there ... buy the dry food mentioned above.

    Today I approached the tienda I buy it from and asked if I could distribute the "old fruits and veggies". They were only too happy to say ... yes.

    So in about a half hour I go pick up the first load. It will be distributed the same way the dried stuff is. I deliver to my Mexican partner and she distributes it to known needy famlies.

    But I have a really fun idea for next week. Gotta get it planned out first before I explain it.

    The thing is ... you could do the same thing. The tienda knows I'm not joking. I pay retail for the 8 dispensas I get. They know me and we have developed a trust. And now they have a chance to be generous with something that will help others and won't hurt them.

    Yahoo ... Zoe
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