• Glenn Wilson
    Glenn here. I teach chess to primary school children at EdCaminos, an after school tutoring program in my neighborhood. Now, there is no chess and there is no after school program. For some families right now there are no jobs, there is no income and food can be scarce.

    I know these kids.

    It is not just these kids and not just these families. Food scarcity and food insecurity is all over San Miguel de Allende. Many groups are helping all over town. The need is huge. Not everyone is in a position to help. But, if you are, I ask that you consider helping where you can.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Comida para Vecinos | Food for Neighbors

    EdCaminos is pivoting their mission to address nutritional requirements. They are located in the city of San Miguel de Allende on the border of Colonia Independencia and Colonia San Rafael.

    In this time of the Coronavirus many businesses have closed in San Miguel de Allende and many people have lost all of their income. At the beginning of April, the Comida para Vecinos project was started to help address this need. EdCaminos has been reaching out first to the families of their students and then to members of their immediate neighborhoods providing food and essentials for these families most in need.

    Your contribution helps them continue this project. Just $12.50 USD pays for a week of food and essentials for a small family. $100 USD provides for 8 families for a week.

    EdCaminos, A.C. is accredited in Mexico as a charitable, non-profit organization (AsociaciĆ³n Civil). They are also incorporated in the United States as a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization as EdCaminos, Inc. Donations through the Donate button on the EdCaminos Website can be completed via Paypal or a credit card and are made through the U.S. based organization. These contributions qualify as deductions for eligible U.S. taxpayers. Check with your tax advisor for details.

    They also gladly accept food and cash donations. Contact them for details or to let them know of families in need in the Colonia Independencia or Colonia San Rafael areas.

    Spanish language contact
    Sonia Araiza

    +52 415 124 0878 Whatsapp

    English language contact
    Shannon Shaffer
    Volunteer Coordinator

    +52 415 167 0088 Whatsapp

    Donations: EdCaminos Website

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    EdCaminos is not the only group operating in this area. In addition to EdCaminos there are two other independent programs operating in the same neighborhoods. All three efforts largely complement each other.
    • EdCaminos is focused on providing weekly food and essentials with pickup at EdCaminos at scheduled times and with safe distancing.
    • Michelle's group is focused on delivering vouchers; typically $300 pesos per family, weekly.
    • Bella is focused on opportunistically providing food, essentials and random acts of kindness.

    You can support any or all three of these local, neighborhood efforts. The fundraising efforts for each are separate.

    Contact information and links for donations, and more information are below.

    EdCaminos, A.C.
    Donations: Website

    Michelle Mangen
    Donations: Paypal
    Facebook | Email: | Whatsapp: +1 941 681 5977

    Bella Awad
    Donations: Paypal
    Whatsapp: +52 415 197 1666

    Thanks everyone!

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  • Glenn Wilson
    From a reader:
    RociĆ³ the Presidente of Colonia Independencia has a tienda on calle Sor Juan Inez and she is taking food and pesos for 4 families in our community. She delivers the food to the families or they go to her store.
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