• CherylMaria
    Everyone, everywhere, is suffering from the impact of the COVID 19 virus, and most would like to get through this time of turmoil as quickly as possible, returning soon to our normal routines and relaxed way of life. Who doesn’t long to sit on a bench in the Jardin again, enjoying a coffee, nodding hola to amigos as we watch the people and their dogs stroll by?

    Patronato Pro Niños has stepped up to help the broader community, stretching their limited resources to work with coalitions of NGO’s like Corazones Unidos, (So Others May Eat -SOME, Feed The Hungry, Caminamos Juntos AC, Jóvenes Adelante AC, and others) in their campaign to collect in-kind and economic donations to reach the most vulnerable people and families during the COVID-19 crisis.

    But for many poor children in the campo, the over 500 villages surrounding San Miguel, this trying time is not just inconvenient, it can be deadly. Children need monthly, even daily medications, and many of them depended upon Patronato Pro Niños for support.

    There is an urgent, immediate need for funding for medications for very ill children who have Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Cancer, Leukemia and severe kidney failure.  These are the challenging diseases Patronato deals with daily, along with a group of Autistic and mentally handicapped children.

    Soon, you may receive an email from a friend of Patronato asking you to be a “Hero from Home”. Please open it, read the appeal and take positive action. It’s easy to donate via your credit card and there is no minimum amount. Says Nory Contractor, the Executive Director of Patronato, “the power of this kind of campaign is that many small donations, taken together, can have a huge impact.”

    If you were looking for a way to help in San Miguel right now, it’s only a click away.

    And of behalf of the children, we thank you. 

    Cheryl Young
    Saving Lives. Every Child. Every Year.

  • Glenn Wilson
    The Patronato Pro Niños “Hero from Home” program is in full swing.

    To learn more visit Heros from Home.
  • Joe Whitmore
    YES! Please do help .... these kids can really melt the iciest heart and they appreciate every bit of help we're able to give.
    Joe Whitmore, VP
    Patronato Pro Ninos
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