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    Qroo Paul wrote: So, what do a couple of thrifty American retirees living in Mexico do during self-isolation in the midst of a pandemic? Why go online shopping, of course!

    Since COVID-19 came on to the scene, much of the financial news has focused on the devastating effect on stock prices and the volatility of the market in general; however, not all of the financial news is bleak.

    For Americans who live in Mexico and whose income originates in the U.S. (e.g. pensions, social security), this is a unique opportunity to make their money go about 23% further than it did back in February. This is because the U.S. dollar has increased substantially in value against the Mexican peso since the onset of the pandemic. ...

    Read the whole post from Qroo Paul at Taking Advantage of a Strong U.S. Dollar to Save BIG on Purchases in Mexico. More #QrooPaul.

    GW: I would also note that the strong dollar has reduced the effective current cost of living in Mexico for those living on dollars. Besides spending more on yourself this is a great time to spend some of your exchange rate savings on others around you that are less fortunate. Not everyone has "extra" money but, just a thought, for those that do.

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