• Glenn Wilson
    Steve of mexpatriate wrote: When I first moved to Mexico, I rented a house on the beach in Villa Obregon.

    There was no living space on the ground level, just a patio that was covered by the rest of the house. It was a pleasant place to while away my days in a hammock while listening to the beat, beat, beat of the surf tom-tom. It may have been my favorite place in the house.

    It was also the favorite place of the local cave swallows. They would build their nests in the corners of each pillar in the patio to rear their young. There must have been at least twenty potential nursery spots -- and most of them were filled.

    I am fond of birds. I like their colors. I like hearing their sing. And as a former pilot, I like watching them soar so effortlessly through the day's sky.

    But there is a cost that comes with living in close proximity to birds. ...

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