• Sarah Ash
    There is so much misinformation out there regarding SkyMed Medical Evacuation Plans. If you are trying to get the information via hearsay, you're probably going to get incorrect information!

    If you are interested in the real information about how SkyMed Medical Evacuation Plans work (and they really do work!) and how much a plan to protect yourself would actually cost (plans are really affordable!), then please attend the free brunch seminar next week. Get all the real facts and get all your questions answered!

    SkyMed is the most complete, most flexible and most trusted medical evacuation plan:

    Guaranteed renewal for as long as you want the protection

    Evacuation to home hospital of choice is by Member's Choice, not restricted to "medically necessary", "nearest adequate hospital" or only when "physician recommended"

    Easy to qualify for membership.

    3 levels of evacuation available, depending on your medical condition.

    Members with a series diagnosis but NOT hospitalized can still qualify for a SkyMed paid flight home!

    Snowbird Plans from $299 USD per year Individual, $499 per year Family. Expat plans start at $595 per year Individual and $995 for Family.

    Special seminar discounts available on the most popular plans giving you more services for even less per year, plus rate protection!

    SkyMed Free Brunch Seminar:
    When: Thursday, May 23rd at 11 am SHARP
    Where: Cafe Martin, Relox #41, Centro
    Space is limited, please RSVP.

    Sarah Ash
    SkyMed Team Leader / Mexico

    Mexican Cell: 415-125-3537
    USA Cell #: 928-255-0220
    Skype to Skype #: 928-255-0220 Skype name Sarah Belton Ash

    “SkyMed: 30 years saving lives and nest eggs!”
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