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    Don Day wrote: They’ve never been places I’d purposefully go out to. They’re more places I’d just end up at when I’d go out. And, most often…which was very often…after a drink or two or maybe three.

    I’m talking about taco stands. The most basic yet the ultimate Mexican dining experience.

    I hear that a lot of San Miguel taco stands are still open during the Covid-19 crisis. But I also hear that not a lot of them are doing any business.

    I get it. People aren’t going out. And if people don’t go out, people don’t eat tacos.

    So how do you get your taco fix when you’re bunkered up, even when the only series you have left to watch on Netflix all have subtitles? Well, yes, I have a suggestion. And it’s for a taco that I (a guy who can be very shy with superlatives) once called the best taco in San Miguel de Allende. ...

    Continue at Don Day in SMA to find out how to get his "best taco in SMA": My favorite San Miguel taco. Without the trip to a taco stand. More #DonDay.

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