• Glenn Wilson
    Dr. David, April 5: San Miguel is a small town, very small when you consider just the extranjero community. We foreign residents know each other's faces, if not each other's names. When someone, whose face I do not know, tells me that they live here, they are almost always a recent arrival.

    There are, of course, other circles, besides we extranjeros. One of these is made up of persons, largely between 30-50 years old, who are interested in alternative lifestyles: things indigenous, healing, Patchamama...

    This little community is almost entirely Hispanic, but not rigidly so. By virtue of the fact that my girlfriend Veronica is a member I have found myself at many gatherings of the tribe. With my own alternative inclinations, and my Spanish not half bad, I can go with the flow.

    Paulina, is a central character in this neo-hippie clan. Everyone knows and admires her. Well-loved, she is a strong, active person, with strong, active opinions. She has her own ways of doing things and she gets things done. She is fully alive, singing, dancing, partying... She is an earth-mother type with a great knowledge of plants, gardening and herbal medicine. She has a healing center just outside of town and another a 5-hour drive north out in the desert. Having apprenticed with the Huichol Indians, Paulina, at her center up north, offers peyote ceremonies compete with sessions in private hot springs. Except for the 5-hour drive, it sounds idyllic. ...

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