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    This post attempts to answer a few questions I often get about getting information posted on SMAFAQ.

    If I send you information about (my charity, hobby, business) will you post it on SMAFAQ?
    Probably ... no, but YOU can post about it (see below), and, please do so.

    Will you include (a website) on your Links page or as a Coronavirus resources and links?
    Yes, depending on the website. Please add it as a comment at: Links or email it to me and I'll take a look.

    Will you create a post about my Event on SMAFAQ?
    Probably ... no, but you can post about it (see below), and, please do so.

    And, if you do, for events specifically, I will add / correct the Event tag if needed (so you don't need to worry about that) so it shows up in the SMAFAQ Events calendar and I'll add it to the Upcoming Activities and Events posts (unless it strikes me as inappropriate in these times of coronavirus, so, no rave parties).

    How do I post about (my event, charity, hobby, business, whatever)?
    Any member can post almost* anything on SMAFAQ. I strongly encourage it. I love it when people post about their event, charity, business, etc. Information on how to create a post ("New Discussion"), with video, are at:

    *Our forum rules (mostly be nice and no politics) are at:

    Where's my post? I just posted but it doesn't show up in the list of posts?
    Some posts may be held for manual moderation. Mysterious algorithms decide when that it is appropriate but it's common for first posts by a new author. The moderators are notified when that happens and attempt to review it promptly.

    How do I get my post to show up in the daily email digest?
    All new posts will automatically show up in the next daily email digest. Posts with new comments will automatically show up in the next daily email digest.

    What if I make a mistake?
    You can edit your own posts (and comments). The post with video above shows how and I am available for help if needed.

    Can I delete a post?
    You can edit anything about your own posts (and comments) except its original date / timestamp and the identity of the author. If you really need a post deleted I can do that for you. I prefer to keep the historical record. If a post is now obsolete, it is generally better to add a comment or update the post to reflect that.

    What if I need help?
    Me helping others to learn how to post (if necessary) scales. Me creating and posting everything does not. So, I am committed to helping others post on SMAFAQ.

    I am available for help with any technical issue in creating or editing a post (email at , contact me via SMAFAQ messaging, we can arrange a zoom meeting, ...).

    Other general questions?
    Please ask in comments or email me at .

    More in Site Help and Feedback.

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