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    Updates in comments.

    Want to help others in our community?

    Here are a few local charities with contact info for donations or volunteering or more information. I'll add others in comments and please do the same (or email me at with the info and I'll add it).

    Feed the Hungry San Miguel has just delivered 56,600 pounds of food to 24 communities around SMA and wants to replenish that food supply and reach out to more communities.

    Amigos Al 100 (Facebook) distributes bags of food at a fire station and to individuals / families..

    Caminos de Aqua is "continuing to find ways to work with those most vulnerable in our region, safely under current conditions, to increase water access." Water in the time of coronavirus.

    The San Miguel de Allende COVID-19 - Community Donations web page lists several options for charitable donations.

    Please add other SMA charities or ways to help in comments.

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  • Glenn Wilson
    Here's an idea you may be able to use ...

    I've heard anecdotally that many local tiendas are hurting because their customers are running out of money. So, they are extending credit or not selling. These tiendas are key to our neighborhoods.

    I don't leave the house, but I still shop at my local tienda through a neighborhood family that shops and runs local errands for a small fee. That helps them replace some lost income, that helps me get fresh produce regularly and it helps my local tienda stay in business.
  • Soni
  • Glenn Wilson
    Update: This GoFundMe campaign has ended.

    There is a gofundme account setup to help Lola, our Local Cat Angel. She operates Santuario Felino Rey Ashoka, A.C., and runs a Trap-Neuter-Return shelter and takes care of over one hundred cats.
  • Glenn Wilson
    The Patronato Pro Niños Clinic is closed and the mobile dental/medical units are not going to the campo, but the need for medications like insulin never goes away. Help get critical medicine to the children of the neediest families in San Miguel. Donate to save lives. — A reader via email
    Patronato Pro Niños

    Patronato Pro Niños has stepped up to help the broader community, stretching their limited resources to work with coalitions of NGO’s like Corazones Unidos, (So Others May Eat -SOME, Feed The Hungry, Caminamos Juntos AC, Jóvenes Adelante AC, and others) in their campaign to collect in-kind and economic donations to reach the most vulnerable people and families during the COVID-19 crisis. ...

    There is an urgent, immediate need for funding for medications for very ill children who have Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Cancer, Leukemia and severe kidney failure. These are the challenging diseases Patronato deals with daily, along with a group of Autistic and mentally handicapped children.
    SMAFAQ: Patronato Pro Niños launches their “Hero from Home” Fundraising Campaign in May.
  • Glenn Wilson
    They join their hearts to support the most vulnerable people
    9 civil associations have agreed to the “United Hearts” (“Corazones Unidos”) initiative, they join the Mexican Red Cross and the System for the Integral Development of the Family (DIF); They will provide pantries to people in vulnerable situations. Campaign for the collection of food with a high nutritional index and monetary donations begin.

    There are 4 collection centers, three of them will attend from Monday to Saturday from 10 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon, and the fourth, the DIF will receive contributions from Monday to Friday, from 9 to 4 in the afternoon.

    Each association has a function, however, as they identify people in a vulnerable state (elderly, sick, unemployed, etc.) they will request the DIF System of San Miguel de Allende to follow up on the case, to then grant support, to guarantee that the aid is for those indicated.

    For financial donations:
    In English: https://hipgive.org/project/corazones-unidos-san-miguel-de-allende/
    In Spanish: https://hipgive.org/es/project/corazones-unidos-san-miguel-de-allende/

    Food Bank of San Miguel de Allende AC
    Account: 1044831731
    Clabe: 0722 4001 0448 3173 11
    They join their hearts to support the most vulnerable people (sp).
    DIF1 (63K)
  • Glenn Wilson
    Some groups focused on the Colonias San Rafael, Independencia and nearby neighborhoods.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    SMAFAQ: EdCaminos and how you can help.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    There are three independent programs operating in these same neighborhoods. All three efforts largely complement each other.
    • EdCaminos is focused on providing weekly food and essentials with pickup at EdCaminos at scheduled times and with safe distancing.
    • Michelle's group is focused on delivering vouchers; typically $300 pesos per family, weekly.
    • Bella is focused on opportunistically providing food, essentials and random acts of kindness.

    You can support any or all three of these local, neighborhood efforts. The fundraising efforts for each are separate.

    Contact information and links for donations, and more information are below.

    EdCaminos, A.C.
    Donations: Website

    Michelle Mangen
    Donations: Paypal
    Facebook | Email: | Whatsapp: +1 941 681 5977

    Bella Awad
    Donations: Paypal
    Whatsapp: +52 415 197 1666
  • Glenn Wilson
    From a reader:
    Roció the Presidente of Colonia Independencia has a tienda on calle Sor Juan Inez and she is taking food and pesos for 4 families in our community. She delivers the food to the families or they go to her store.
  • Rachel
    Centro Infantil de los Angeles is providing distance based learning for their 202 daycare and preschool students. Early childhood development cannot wait during this quarentine so our amazing director and teachers are preparing lessons easy for parents to implement right from their homes.

    We are in need of school supplies and financial support for the families who cannot work during COVID19.

    Please reach out to us if you can provide in-kind donations or financial support!

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CentroInfantildelosAngeles/

  • Glenn Wilson

    From Bill Walker, SOME:
    SOME - So Others May Eat.
    We are donating food to BASMA and asking people to fill up donation trucks at La Comer, radio station, and Fábrica La Aurora. Food goes out to our senior clients since we have been forced to close at the church due to covid 19.
    SOME website gives details for donations.
  • Glenn Wilson
    DIF continues with social assistance actions and food support to organizations and older adults
    San Miguel de Allende, Gto., April 27, 2020.- The Municipal System for the Integral Development of the Family (DIF), maintains its social assistance program for the benefit of people with limited resources, non-governmental organizations and people with disabilities specials.

    So far in April, the DIF received 388 reports from people without a support network, that is, elderly or vulnerable people who do not have family members to support them; through the APCE Protocol (Attention to Population in Conditions of Emergencies), they follow them up. Once they verify their situation, they enter the emergency phase, which is the delivery of food supports.

    In the rehabilitation stage, they consider the delivery of food supports, which will be every 15 days, through the initiative "United Hearts", which has 4 collection centers, since April 12; 9 civil associations, the Red Cross of the San Miguel de Allende delegation and the DIF System participate.

    In addition, the DIF maintains its monthly social assistance supports such as the delivery of 717 liters of milk to 5 homes, 500 dialysis bags to people who need it, food support to 116 families, 75 diaper packages to 29 people with disabilities and 40 food supports for the senior citizen registry of the Gerontological Center.

    To this, DIF adds that thanks to “United Hearts”, they delivered more than 6 tons of vegetables for the preparation of nutritional dishes in 10 social assistance organizations and dozens of communities.

    Also, since April 14 with the outstanding participation and goodwill of the hotel sector of this municipality, they deliver 25 dishes of prepared food daily to older adults and people with disabilities to the door of their homes.

    In this way, the DIF System reaffirms its commitment to the most vulnerable population of San Miguel in the face of this contingency, through strategies created from the outset to work heartily with people.

    DIF continues with social assistance actions and food support to organizations and older adults (sp).

    DIF- San Miguel de Allende | Facebook | Twitter
  • Gina Hyams
    Por Amor a la Guadalupe (For the Love of Guadalupe) is the volunteer-run food pantry in San Miguel de Allende's Colonia Guadalupe. It is a grass-roots effort to provide food for neighborhood families who are in need due to Covid-19 unemployment. In late March, it became quickly apparent that many of our formerly middle class neighbors were struggling to make ends meet. A group of both Mexican and foreign Guadalupe neighbors came together to figure out how we could help.

    On April 4th, we bought groceries and cleaning supplies for 19 needy families and as of this week, it’s grown to providing for 154 families. It costs about 250 pesos ($11.50 USD/$15.30 CAN) to feed each family per week. Most of the money supporting the Guadalupe effort to date is coming from U.S. and Canadian expats—both those who are here now and those who are waiting out the pandemic elsewhere. There's a core group of us who have pledged to make monthly donations as long as the crisis lasts, but those funds currently only cover about half of the costs. 

    While other organizations have stepped up spectacularly to take care of people in other San Miguel neighborhoods and the surrounding countryside, Por Amor a la Guadalupe is the only group addressing hunger in this part of town. Please join me in giving what you can to help our neighbors in this challenging time of tremendous need. Truly, any amount you can spare will make a profound difference. If you are in a position to help out, please send whatever you can via PayPal to . Thank you so much for your consideration!

    For more info, please join the "Por Amor a la Guadalupe (in English)" Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/227106761759092/?epa=SEARCH_BOX
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