• Zoe
    Denver Delivers Specials … for the coming week. For Take-Out too!!

    Cannelloni with garden salad. … Wednesday 1 April and Thursday 2 April.

    This vegetarian Cannelloni is that traditional Italian dish that warms the heart as well as the tummy. Fresh, hand made-with-love pasta. Tomato sauce. Mushrooms. And among the cheeses, chef made ricotta. The garden salad can be customized with your favorite extras (listed on the menu below.)

    Then for Friday 3 April and Saturday 4 April … your choice of either,

    Chicken Parmesan with pasta and small garden salad.

    Tender chicken breast, breaded and sautéed, cuddled in marinara sauce and parmesan cheese.

    Chicken Vino Bianco with pasta and small garden salad

    Pollo & pasta … laced with a rich and creamy Parmesan & white wine sauce … so delicious it may just transport you to Italy.

    Specials are 200 pesos each plus delivery. You can still order from the regular menu (below) which has been revised for clarity. And which now includes frozen options.

    What many people are doing is … a special for now … and frozen for later.

    Operators are standing by … from 10 to 6pm … Wednesday thru Saturday. Or … at least Chef Denver is. Ready to help you make your choices and arrange delivery or pick up.

    415 150 0239 and 415 167 3861

    For complaints, revisions, suggestions, whatever ... it’s me at muffun @ mac . com

    The menu is attached below.

    Ciao 4 niao ... Zoë

    More #Denvers.
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