• Glenn Wilson
    Today I finally found the holy grail of coffee in San Miguel de Allende. As someone who has made backroom deals with coffee farmers in Indonesia to buy green luwak coffee beans, so I could take them home and roast them properly, you need to know that I know my coffee. In San Miguel, I have found none that really impressed me….until today.

    El Cafe de la Mancha is owned by Paloma and Christian, and they are serious about coffee (well, serious in a fun way.) They both went to coffee school in Mexico City and, get this, they actually studied coffee.

    It is the only place in San Miguel de Allende that I know of where you have the choice to have your coffee made with a siphon, which to me is the only way to have your coffee made. If that doesn’t suit you, though, you can also have it made with a Chemex, in the Melitta pour-over, with a French press, or even in a Turkish ibrik. Now, that’s impressive!
    The Best Cup Of Coffee In San Miguel de Allende

    I'm convinced. Oh wait, the author of the above has an update:

    It looks like my old favorite for the best cup of coffee in San Miguel de Allende, El Cafe de la Mancha, now has competition. I discovered Cafe Oso Azul the other morning, and I was impressed. One of the partners owns an organic coffee plantation in Veracruz, and Cafe Oso Azul roasts its own beans every few days, and you can absolutely tell the difference in their coffee.Cafe Oso Azul-Awesome Coffee And Breakfast In San Miguel de Allende

    Sometimes, I like a little chess with my coffee (Cafe Arab'ella).

    Which is your favorite coffee spot in San Miguel de Allende?
  • Liz
    It’s worth trying Ki’bok at Diez de Sollano y Dávalos 25. Cute place, great coffee, and many different methods of brewing. Multiple seating areas, including a rooftop. The staff was friendly and spoke English. No decaf though.

    We also really enjoy the coffee at La Ventana, organic beans from chiapas. Cute little place - you walk through a restaurant to get to the coffee shop, or order from the window. Diez de Sollano y Dávalos 11.
  • Glenn Wilson
    Thanks Liz.

    As it turns out, National Geographic published an article on May 7 that I just noticed and, they too, like Ki’bok Coffee:

    Coffee-brewing is an art in this historic Mexican city

    In addition to lots of great photos, they say:
    At the top of a steep cobblestone street framed by mustard-yellow buildings hides Ki’bok Coffee, a tiny café that serves some of the best coffee in the world.
    Why is San Miguel’s coffee perfect for true aficionados? It all comes down to a few factors: source, preparation, and pride.

    “We have strong faith in Mexican beans,” says Christian Zaíd, one of the owners of El Café de la Mancha. The tiny joint in San Miguel’s downtown Zona Centro ethically sources its beans from a small farm some 400 miles away in Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca.
    National Geographic

    Guess I need to try Ki’bok, La Ventana and the other spots mentioned.

    When we are in the states and want some great coffee (including coffee from the small, family farm in Oaxaca) we get our coffee from Proyecto Diaz Coffee. Full disclosure -- Fernando and Hannah-Love, who own and operate Proyecto Diaz Coffee, are our cousins.
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