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    Mar 24, 2020:
    • Power outage near La Pípila Underpass March 26,
    • Family attacked in San Miguel: 10-year-old boy dies,
    • New Currency Crisis Dawns: Mexican Peso Plunges to Record Low Against the Dollar,
    • Vote axes Mexicali brewery project; 76% say no in weekend referendum,
    • Cat Bowling.

    Most news these days is coronavirus specific, so Brief News and Views is a bit light. For more news, see today's Coronavirus Update.

    Peso: 1 USD = 24.74 MXN. 1 CAD = 17.21 MXN.
    Weather: 56F - 89F - 53F; 13C - 32C - 12C; 0%.
    (morning low - daytime high - overnight low; chance of precipitation).
    Peso and weather are static snapshots from early this morning. Click the links for the latest.

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    Power outage near La Pípila Underpass Mar 26
    On Thursday, March 26, the energy service derived from # LaObra El Pípila Underpass in # SanMiguelDeLaGente 10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. affecting la Comer, el Pollo Feliz, Pantoja, Nuevo Pantoja and la Lejona 1st and 2nd section.

    We appreciate your understanding.

    Family attacked in San Miguel: 10-year-old boy dies
    San Miguel de Allende, Gto. - A lifeless 10-year-old minor and an injured 9-year-old boy was the result of an attack against a family that was driving a van near the Cerritos Community.

    Last night, through a hospital personnel report, the F iscalía learned of the entry of a male minor injured by gunshots, of whom his death was reported shortly after his arrival at the hospital.

    In the same events, another minor of the male sex was injured, receives medical attention and his health is stable.
    Family attacked in San Miguel: 10-year-old boy dies (sp).
    In San Miguel de # Allende armed man shoots at a # familia and # mata an 11-year-old boy and a 9-year-old boy. The "problematic" man is free and "wandering", say witnesses and family.
    See also: In SMA, armed man shoots a truck with children; kill one and manage to hurt another (sp).

    New Currency Crisis Dawns: Mexican Peso Plunges to Record Low Against the Dollar
    The flight into US dollars! Dollar-denominated debts of Mexican companies weigh heavily.

    As the coronavirus crisis roils the global economy, the strengthening dollar is causing all manner of stress and mayhem for national economies and their respective currencies. Nowhere is this clearer than in Mexico, whose currency, the peso, never really recovered from the last crisis and is now collapsing all over again. As of 4 p.m. Monday (Mexican time), it had tumbled over 3% to a record low of 25.42 pesos to the U.S. dollar.

    Even by historic standards, the sell-off has been relentless. In the past 16 days, the peso has experienced 16 record daily lows. Not since the height of the last peso crisis, five years ago, has the currency notched up so many new lows in one single month. During that crisis, which lasted from late 2014 to late 2016, the peso lost roughly a third of its value against the greenback, none of which it was able to claw back. During this new crisis, which has so far spanned no more than a month, the peso has lost 26% of its value. The chart shows the value of 1 peso, which has plunged from $0.054 on Feb. 22 to $0.039 today ...
    New Currency Crisis Dawns: Mexican Peso Plunges to Record Low Against the Dollar.

    Vote axes Mexicali brewery project; 76% say no in weekend referendum
    The federal government will halt a US $1.4-billion brewery project in Mexicali, Baja California, after citizens overwhelmingly rejected it in a referendum held over the weekend. ...

    The brewery is about 70% complete, with about $900 million having been invested to date.

    Local residents, especially farmers, have long argued that the operation of the brewery would threaten the local water supply – a claim that Constellation, which produces Corona and other Grupo Modelo beers, rejects.
    Vote axes Mexicali brewery project; 76% say no in weekend referendum.
    See also: Mexican referendum rejects U.S. Modelo brewer in new investment blow.

    Cat bowling

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