• Glenn Wilson
    Rancho Santa Clara Al: Pardon my cynicism, but I half expected city officials in San Miguel de Allende to remain silent or lapse into denial with respect to the Coronavirus pandemic that has shut down much of the United States and several European countries. National and international tourism is practically the town's only business, so the city is, understandably, loath to take any action that adversely affects that.

    Instead, the city issued the following ukase—in both English and Spanish to be sure everyone got the memo—that pretty much locks down San Miguel until further notice. Dramatically, bells pealed last night at 6:30 to announce churches would remain closed except for special circumstances, which I imagine would be funerals.

    Even more stunning, the mammoth Good Friday procession has been cancelled. That event, probably the biggest in the city's religious-tourist calendar, had been cancelled by the bishop of Celaya, who has jurisdiction over San Miguel. ...

    Continue reading at Life at Rancho Santa Clara: San Miguel's thumping response to the Coronavirus pandemic now awaits enforcement. More #RanchoSantaClara.

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  • Jonathan Brown
    Glenn - I was not at surprised by the City's response - in many ways it is more measured than the responses in California where we live half the year. Thanks for your continued updates.
    Jonathan Brown
  • Glenn Wilson
    Like Al, who wrote the post above, I was a little surprised that the city has taken the measures it has. To see the rest of Al's post click the link above for San Miguel's thumping response to the Coronavirus pandemic now awaits enforcement.
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