• Glenn Wilson
    Patricia: I have continued my obsessive cooking while listening to the news on my iPad. Now there is no more room in my refrigerator. I am not sleeping much because of my mind running wild. Plus, last night my Mexican neighbors across the street had a loud, very crowded party at their house. Everyone was laughing, playing music, having fun. While I sat on my deck alone and thought about all my fears.

    What is life going to be like in the future? A five day lockdown that is only followed by a few people isn't going to stop the virus. Will there be more lockdowns? In the future, will we all have to stay home and only relate by way of computers? Sounds like a scary science fiction movie. ...

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  • Daniel Morgan
    I agree. I think that the self-quarantine is harder for many. The more social the neighborhood, the less likely there is an easy seclusion. In our neighborhood thee are also many parties. However, this last week, people are socializing less and less. It has been calm and comfortable. My neighbors with kids are mostly keeping the kids home. One neighbor erected a nice swimming pool on their terrace for their children to cool off and play. Without any real figures available on COVID-19 testing, it's hard to wonder how precarious our situation is. Take care!
  • LindaRose Richardson
    I hear loud parties at night on the streets or church plazas. However, in my very small Mexican owned compound, the family is being very careful. Just socializing with one another and keeping the 3 yr old active.....me? I will soon go nutz if I have to stay in, so Yoga daily, along with a walk,bye, gotta go....Lindarose
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