• Zoe
    As we read the news we realize ... jobs being curtailed everywhere. So moving from initial panic to hardship settling in.

    Yesterday I got the first of what I expect will be many. A Mexican woman was double fisting my front door. I went out the side to see what the ruckus was and speak thru a locked gate. She was insistent that I give her both money and a job.

    Yesterday we also had to lay off half the restaurant staff. We can no longer afford them and there were no longer tips anyways. They have no other employment to go to. Besides money we had been a source of food for them and their famlly.

    It will likely be in everyone's best interests to begin food kitchens. Some kind of food distribution to those who have few other options.

    Perhaps we can use this thread as a gathering point. Put your ideas here. Contact other interested ones here.

    One of my first ideas is to contact my buddy who is in management at La Comer and see if there can be some sort of distribution of "old" food.

    Ciao 4 niao ... Zoe
  • Zoe
    I don't know if you are watching ... but the long line of waiting people outside Coppel wound completely around the block yesterday.

    What were they waiting for? To get money sent from the U.S. I think Coppel / Aztec bank is Western Union but I don't keep track. While WU is predatory in it's fees, most of these people are un-banked and don't have efficient ways to move money.

    As they become unemployed here, relatives in the U.S. pick up some of the slack. There is a time limit to this as jobs in the U.S. will be evaporating also.

    But it will buy some time to get food kitchens in place.
  • Melissa Thompson
    I'd like to help in some way (I think it's a great idea) but I'm in the vulnerable group due to age, don't have a car and don't have a lot of money. Does that make me a complete washout as far as helping goes? Melissa
  • Ann Hughes
    For anyone who is unable to offer direct help, like myself, Feed the Hungry has added feeding the Campos to feeding the local children of SMA. Their webpage, http://feedthehungrysma.org , makes it easy to donate. Also Tipjar.com . Food banks would be a great idea if pick-up locations could be set up and staffed. I'd definitely contribute.

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