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    Patrick Green: Jorge is a Mexican friend of mine, born and raised in San Miguel. He's a smart guy, but his education has been minimal. He has worked in the same bakery for 30 years. He speaks some English, because when he was young he spent some time in Chicago and Arizona. We meet in the Jardin four times a week at 1pm. We sit on a bench near the gazebo and work on our language skills. I help Jorge with his English. He helps we with my Spanish. The session usually lasts an hour. Then he goes off to work. Some days he doesn't work. Then we will sit until 2:30 or even later talking about infinitivos or some new idiomatic expression we have hit upon. Eventually we wear down. Then we pack up and head for the bus that takes us up the Salida and to our respective homes.

    One day while we whiled away yet another afternoon, two matronly women approached and prepared to take a seat directly across from us. Before they could do so, Jorge hopped up and retrieved a purse that had been laying quietly alone on the bench the ladies were preparing to sit upon. The purse was blue with a shoulder strap and a big brass zipper. Jorge returned to his seat and put the purse on the bench between us. The two women had seen Jorge pick up the purse. Striking up a conversation, I mentioned to them that we would certainly stay put and wait for the owner of the purse to return so it could be placed back into the proper hands. They nodded approvingly.

    The two women were Canadian. They had traveled a bit together and mentioned what a trial it was to replace all the items lost when a purse goes missing: identification, credit cars, and, god forbid, a passport. I agreed and assured them we would do the right thing.

    Read and see more at Lokkal: A Blue Purse Lost. More #Lokkal.

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