• Sandy Furrh
    LARF, https://latinamericanrelieffund.org/ was founded to support the ABBA shelter in Celaya, which houses migrants escaping violence in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. ABBA was founded in 2016 by Pastor Ignacio Ramírez and is one of 24 shelters in Mexico recognized by the Red Cross and the United Nations.

    Many of us have seen these migrants begging on our streets. Among them was a Guatemalan woman found after an accident and taken to a hospital with multiple injuries. To avoid being sent back to Guatemala before she recovered, where she faced an imminent death threat. ABBA accepted her and paid for her mother to come by bus to assist in her care during 3 months of recovery.

    ABBA receives 1000 or more men, women and children per month. Most residents stay 3 days, but may remain longer if they apply for asylum or need further medical care, often resulting from falls from trains and other accidents or abuses at the hands of smugglers or corrupt authorities. ABBA also spearheads efforts to feed and house the large caravans coming through this area.

    LARF provides ABBA with rent and other support through fundraising events and individual donations. However, ABBA is faced with many more needs as migrant numbers increase.

    LARF would use these funds in 3 areas. ABBA’s food budget and utility bills have gone up considerably, as have needs for shoes, clothing, backpacks, and personal hygiene products. An emergency reserve fund is needed to help buy these items as needed.

    ABBA is the only shelter in Mexico providing prostheses and therapy to migrants who have lost limbs, in collaboration with the International Red Cross. Money is needed to fund rehabilitation equipment to assist with training recent amputees to function with their new prostheses, including wheelchairs.

    Due to tougher US asylum policy, ABBA helps migrants apply for Mexican asylum by providing transport to the closest Office of Inmigración, located in San Miguel. The applicant must report every 2 weeks to the office here to ensure his or her continued stay in Mexico, so a transportation fund is needed for this purpose.

    If LARF is granted this gift, ABBA will be better able to respond to the ongoing migrant crisis and continue its mission of offering loving support to our brothers and sisters to help restore the dignity of these desperate yet worthy people.
  • Sandy Furrh
    I am nominating Latin American Relief Fund, LARF, for the next charity contest. Thank you.
  • Glenn Wilson
    Thanks for the post and your passion around LARF. Unfortunately, nominations for this series of contests has been closed since January. I apologize for that not being clearer.

    See: 2019 Charity Award Nominations..

    But your post may do some good. People seeing it may be moved to go to the LARF website and make a donation or volunteer.
  • Sher
    Thanks, Sandy, our valued Board member of the the Latin American Relief Fund. Glenn, we hope to be nominated for the next series of contests. Sorry, we missed the January deadline for this one. We are thankful to be one-time winners in the past. Our needs are greater than ever now with so many migrant caravans arriving and we have greater need to raise more money for a larger facility for ABBA, in the near future,plus a place for asylum seekers to stay and receive aid while they await the processing of their applications. Sher
  • Maricela Daniel
    ABBA is able to assist migrants and asylum seekers because it receives support from other NGOs such as LARF. ABBA's Director and his staff work very hard to attend to the migrants needs. The Director makes sure that they receive the medical care they need -including facilitating of access to pregnant women to hospitals to deliver their babies- and has a very good communication with the migrants. This communication enables him to provide them with sound advice and address the migrants most immediate physical, psychological as well as legal needs. I believe, LARF should be supported to continue his work with ABBA.
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