• Glenn Wilson
    Until very recently I had been working for a very large software company. First, as an employee and later as a contractor. I began working for them when they bought the startup where I was working.

    At the startup, we used a communication tool called Slack. I attribute some of our success to using Slack in the workplace. It is an awesome communication tool. Slack is planning to go public soon. This article is not an opinion about Slack as an investment.

    Vox just published an article The productivity pit: how Slack is ruining work. The premise of the article being, as best as I can tell, Slack enables more communication in the workplace and communication is bad. Also, ¨some of the people I work with are idiots!¨ Maybe your interpretation is different?

    Slack responded with an article, In Defense of Slack, pointing out that Slack employees like Slack! They do, they really do!!

    I should point out the the mega software company I worked for makes their own product that competes with Slack. It is mentioned in the article. But, we continued to use Slack. Despite having our own mega company product that sorta, kinda does the same thing. I suspect that one day that will change.

    Anyway, last year, I set up a Slack instance that users of this website can use. I consider it an experiment to see if a tool like Slack can be useful in our community. For best results we'll need some critical mass of users.

    If you are curious about Slack or just want to try it out or want to use it to communicate with others in SMA just send me a message (click my name or image above) or leave a comment to this post and I'll send you an invite to the smafaq Slack.
  • Glenn Wilson
    Here are a couple of useful guides from the Slackers at Slack if you are curious about the functionality or starting to use it:

    Using Slack

    Tips, Tricks & More
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