• Glenn Wilson
    We do not have a car here. If we are someplace where we can just hail a cab that is what we normally do. But, when we want a cab to come to us we have been using Pickme Taxi lately.

    I contact Pickme using the mobile app WhatsApp. It is like texting back and forth. English is fine. I ask for a cab, tell them where I am at and where I am headed. After confirming the cab I ask how long it will be.

    Lots of people here use WhatsApp and I have used it to talk to a plumber, neighbors, a locksmith, Pickme Taxi and others. The number in my phone contacts for Pickme Taxi is +52 1 415 169 5757. That format, with the leading '+' etc is important for WhatsApp to find the number in contacts on my US based cell phone. Some of that may not be necessary on a Mexican based cell phone but it should still work. To get the '+' key hold down zero on the phone key pad.

    Pickme Taxi has nice cars and charges a little more than a regular cab.

    For going to and from the airport we have always used Bajiago and have always had good service.

    How do you get around?

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  • David Shenk
    I used Bijiogo to/from the airport and they were excellent. I would use them again for sure.
  • Ira Goldman
    I also use Pickme and they're great. Very timely and 10 pesos more than a taxi for in town rides.
    And Bajiogo is having a sale on Sept. 1. You buy 5 rides to either Leon or Queretaro airport for
    $100US and get 5 more rides for free,so your final cost is $10US per trip. That's a great deal
  • Ira Goldman
    An update. To take advantage of the Bajiogo special you must be a VIP member
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