• Glenn Wilson
    Patrick Green: It is difficult to tell where those little epiphanies come from. At one moment we are oblivious and the next moment something has crystallized in our minds and a realization takes place.

    On a non-descript afternoon in SMA, I found myself at a local farmacia. As I waited my turn, absentmindedly pacing an aisle, I became aware of music in the background. The volume was low like elevator music, but it took just a moment for me to recognize it as one of Beethoven's symphonies. Beethoven in Mexico struck me as a bit odd. What is he doing here ? He belongs in Vienna or London or NYC, doesn't he? Just then the pharmacist became available. It was my turn. I conducted my business and left without another thought of Beethoven.

    A couple weeks later the same scene played out again in the same pharmacy. Once again, I stood lingering near the counter with my mind drifting who knows where. Once again, there he was again, Beethoven. I realized, someone in this pharmacy likes the music of Ludwig van. Once again the same disconnect hit me. He seemed out of place. Although I had not put much thought into it, the maestro seemed very far removed from what I had taken to be 'Mexican'. Mexican musical interests lay elsewhere - Mariachis, banda, ranchero…, no? Still here he was.

    Read and see more at Lokkal: ¡Viva Beethoven! Mexican Musical Stereotypes. More #Lokkal.

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