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    Ancient wheats like kamut are put to the test for inflammation, blood sugar, and cholesterol control.

    Dr. Greger: The number one killer in the United States and around the world is what we eat, killing millions more than tobacco. What are the five most important things we can do to improve our diets, based on the single most comprehensive global study of the health impact of nutrition? Eat less salt, eat more nuts, eat more non-starchy vegetables, eat more fruit, and, finally, eat more whole grains.

    Any particular type of whole grains? What about so-called ancient grains? Are they any better than modern varieties? Like what about kamut, the so-called mummy wheat, supposedly unearthed from an Egyptian tomb?

    After World War II, the wheat industry selected particularly high-yielding varieties for pasta and bread. Over the past few years, though, some of the more ancient varieties have been reintroduced to the market, defined basically as those that haven’t been changed over the agricultural revolutions of the last century.

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