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    Feb 13, 2020:
    • Atención San Miguel is back online,
    • First suspected case of coronavirus in Guanajuato,
    • Home Improvement credits from IMUVI,
    • SAPASMA may cut or suspend water to those who do not pay,
    • Candelaria prepares us for spring,
    • Travel+Leisure nominates SMA,
    • Oaxaca indigenous community wins ruling against Canadian miner,
    • Mexico’s 2,000 Year-Old Living Tree,
    • Weasel.

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    Atención San Miguel is back online
    The online edition of Atención San Miguel has been missing in action for a few months but is now back online. The content is very light at the moment but it features a new layout and design.
    Atención San Miguel

    Under observation possible case of Coronavirus in León; the affected is a woman who traveled to China
    The first case suspected of being a coronavirus (recently called Covid-19) appeared in Guanajuato, the patient is a 68-year-old woman residing in León, who recently traveled on vacation to China, the country where the epidemic originated.

    It is one of the 15 suspicious cases that the National Epidemiological Surveillance System (SINAVE) has detected in the country. Thirteen of them presented mild symptoms and were classified as negative. ...

    “In Mexico, no positive cases have been confirmed,” says the technical statement.
    Under observation possible case of Coronavirus in León; the affected is a woman who traveled to China (sp)
    @SSalud_mx investigates a possible patient with coronavirus in Guanajuato.
    First suspected case of coronavirus in Guanajuato (sp).
    A suspected case of coronavirus detected in Guanajuato (sp).
    Huge jump in coronavirus cases and deaths in China.

    Corona virus links and resources
    CNN: Coronavirus live updates Feb 13.
    Live Map: COVID-19 in real time.
    CDC: About 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV).
    WHO: Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV).
    New England Journal of Medicine: 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV).
    The Lancet: COVID-19.
    Wikipedia: 2019–20 Wuhan coronavirus outbreak.

    Home Improvement credits from IMUVI
    If you have your own lot or home, you can process a “Home Improvement” credit at IMUVI.

    This program seeks to support San Miguel families who have a lot or home on their property, so that they have access to a loan that allows them to start, improve, expand or rehabilitate their home; giving you the opportunity to consolidate your family assets.

    Applicants can access a credit from 10 thousand and up to 40 thousand pesos in vouchers redeemable for material. These vouchers can be made valid in commercial stores registered with the Institute's supplier list.
    Home Improvement credits from IMUVI (sp).

    SAPASMA may cut or suspend water to those who do not pay for service
    This week the regulation was approved in which the SMA Drinking Water and Sewerage System (SAPASMA) will have the power to cut (and / or suspend) the water service to families that are late in paying for the service.

    With 9 votes in favor and 3 against ...
    SAPASMA may cut or suspend water to those who do not pay for service (sp).
    (GW: I thought they already did this so I am not clear on what this changed, if anything.)

    Candelaria prepares us for spring
    Thousands of colorful flowers adorn the newly opened Zeferino Gutierrez Park, in which the agapantos, violets, azáleas, petunias are offered; palm trees, ferns and cacti; all to decorate the garden and prepare it for spring.

    Dozens of plants that Mexicans and foreigners have bought in carts, devils and arms, which is what the Environment and Sustainability Department recommends buying plants such as cacti, which grow well in our semi-desert city. In this annual fair, more than 180 exhibitors come from nearby cities such as: Dolores, León, Celaya, Mexico City; Cuernavaca and Guerrero, among other states.

    This annual fair that began 64 years ago in the portals of the Main Garden, was inaugurated on the last day of January; and on the first day of February with a Catholic and pre-Columbian ritual, not only the plants and flowers (to grow and decorate the spaces) were blessed, but also the seeds to germinate and grow healthy; That is why they were presented to the four winds by the Concheros of Valle del Maíz who also, with their ancestral rituals, watched over the Holy Cross of conquest.
    Candelaria prepares us for spring
    See also: SMAFAQ: Zeferino Gutierrez Park will host the 64th Candelaria Fair Jan 30-Feb 16.

    Travel+Leisure nominates SMA
    Travel+Leisure magazine has nominated the city of San Miguel de Allende for the fifth consecutive year as a candidate for the 25th edition of the World´s Best Awards.

    San Miguel has won the T+L best city in the world category four times before.

    The international travel magazine is considered the most important in the world, and every year it conducts a survey where travelers share their experiences and opinions about the places and travel destinations they have visited.
    Travel+Leisure nominates SMA.

    Oaxaca indigenous community wins ruling against Canadian miner
    The environmental protection agency ordered the mine closed.

    Authorities from the indigenous community of Capulálpam de Méndez, Oaxaca, announced that they won a writ of amparo in a case against a Canadian-owned mining company operating in the town. ...

    “The ruling recognizes that the indigenous community was founded before the Mexican state and therefore has the right to federal justice as established in the second article of the constitution,” Martínez said.
    Oaxaca indigenous community wins ruling against Canadian miner.
    See also: Indigenous people of Oaxaca win trial to revoke mining concession (sp).

    Mexico’s 2,000 Year-Old Living Tree
    The colonial city of Oaxaca, which can be reached on a comfortable 5-6 hour road trip south from Mexico City, or a short 45-minute flight from the capital, is one of the most rewarding travel destinations in Mexico.

    About eight miles east of the city center is the village of Santa Maria del Tule, where you’ll find what can be seen in most towns and villages in Mexico: a quaint church, a small plaza, and local markets. However, thousands of Mexican and foreign visitors flock to this village every month to witness something you cannot find elsewhere in Mexico—the remarkable El Tule, a 2,000 year-old living tree.
    Mexico’s 2,000 Year-Old Living Tree.


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