• Glenn Wilson
    Lose something? Find something? Lost and found is the right place.

    Check the current discussions to see if it is already the subject of a post. Maybe the owner is already looking for that lost dog, or someone has already found your lost cat! If not, Start a New Disussion to describe what you lost or found and the other particulars.
  • Dagmar Bischoff Garfinkel
    Somebody in SMA must be missing an amazingly well-mannered dog. Here's what I observed today at the biblioteca. A man came in with a dog (about 60-70 pounds, red short fur, pointy snout) that he said walked up to him 2 days ago and acted like he was the long last master. The whole time they were at the biblioteca, the dog didn't take his eyes off the guy who had just slung a belt around the dog's neck. The man looked like he didn't have the money, or didn't want to spend the money, on a leash. When the dog walked, the guy didn't even hold the belt/leash: the dog was right next to him, carrying the trailing end of the belt in his mouth, walking like this is what all dogs do. I checked out the dog: about 3 to 5 years old, mellow and very responsive with people,not neutered. When I suggested the dog should be neutered I got the typical male response (I've heard it so often, I have a tough time not exploding): the dog might hate him, the man, for having the vet do the surgery. Those same men usually don't have any problem with having a female dog spayed, even though that's a much more complicated and bloody surgery.
    Anyway - if anybody is missing this great dog, please let me know and i'll keep my eyes open for that man.
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