• Glenn Wilson
    From a reader via email:

    "I thought you might be interested to know that yesterday my friend and I were mugged near the bridge on Purisima (not far from Estacion).

    The thief ran up behind my friend and ripped her purse out from under her arm. He then ran away into the bamboo bushes and along a path down to the dry riverbed, under the bridge and into some houses on the other side.

    A kind local woman stopped and told us that she knew the man and where he lived. The police arrived and went looking for this man - they too said that they recognized him from the photo which the local woman had taken.

    We are, of course, thankful that we were not hurt in the attack but distressed that my friend has lost all her important cards, phone and money.

    Please warn your readers to be vigilant and suggest, strongly, that women do not carry purses. It is far too great a temptation to desperate locals.

    The thief was wearing a gray hoodie and gray or beige shorts with white trainers."

    Google Maps Approximate Location: near the bridge on Purisima (not far from Estacion).
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