• Al-ex
    I would like to share a link to a new android mobile app (link shown below) to order english speaking taxi and chauffeurs in your area.The app is new so there are a few drivers registered yet but you can find some already. I am myself professional english/spanish speaking chauffeur offering my services in Queretaro and SMA areas. Have been have been living in the country since 2007 of which 7 years in Queretaro, have been working with Uber and Cabify since 2015. The car is Chevrolet Aveo 2018 which has less than 10,000 km, you can see the picture of it in my profile. I accept payment in Cash (and Cabify payment), can issue an invoice. Please use Taxifan mobile app to find me. Or you can also contact me directly, Whatsapp: 442 353 3601. To download the app follow this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.taxifan and their website: www.taxi-fan.com
  • Jonathan Brown
    Note. This is an Android only App. Any iPnone users cannot get it on the App store.
  • Al-ex
    Hi guys. Good knews for those who use taxi or chauffeurs services a lot! From February 12, 2019 Taxifan starts offering free rides in Queretaro. Please see more information on Taxifan website: www.taxi-fan.com
    Search for free rides page. Their website was updated.
  • Ira Goldman
    I tried to download the app on my phone. I go thru the first few pages until the one which asked for Taxi type. It asked for vehicle type. color etc. I'm trying to set up as a user not a taxi so I guess i'm doing something wrong but I don't know what. It won't let me go pass the taxi set up page.
    Can anyone help?
  • Al-ex
    Hi Ira it seems to me that you are trying to register in Taxifan Driver app if it asks you for taxi type. Please go to google play and type Taxifan then click search. There will be 2 orange apps shown Taxifan and Taxifan Driver - in Spanish it would be Taxifan and Taxifan Conductor. Click on Taxifan (this is if for user) and sign up in the app. To be elible for free rides you must register as a verified user. Hope this helps.
  • Ira Goldman
    thanks i'll retry it
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