• Glenn Wilson
    I've been asked that question lots of times. We have had a couple of envelopes mailed directly to our casa here via regular mail. It took many weeks in one case and months in another.

    But we normally use Traveling Mailbox for our mail. It is a virtual mailbox service that scans the mail so we don't need physical copies. For things like replacement credit cards where we need the actual item we have Traveling Mailbox forward them to our address in Laredo. Which leads to the second part of the question: packages.

    We have our packages sent to Mini Express in Laredo. They deliver our packages to our door in San Miguel. They charge us for the freight (depending on weight) and 17% for the duty. They do not have a website. If interested in Mini Express contact Humberto at and ask how it works and the charges.

    We have been very happy with both of these services.

    I know there are other services out there. How do you get your U.S. mail and packages here?

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  • Ophelia Clarke
    I have used them all!. Most are either very expensive or do not deliver as promised. Others do not respond to solving issues and ignore the problem or simply do not respond to emails or phone calls.

    I have lived in San Miguel for 15 years so I know my way around. The most reliable and honest mail and package delivery service is Delivery USA Mexico. Packages are delivered to a legitimate service in McAllen Texas, not someones house or in a questionable neighborhood. I googled the locations of all the delivery services to see where my packages were delivered. The address in Donna Texas had a toilet in the front yard! It didn't look too secure to me.

    There is a website with clear and concise information and a Facebook page with up to date information, as well. The staff, English speaking which is helpful but not necessary in my case, responds to emails and telephone calls within an hour. My questions are never ignored. Costs are very fair compared to other services. The staff is pleasant, courteous and knowledgeable. Contact info is and telephone number is 1610-469-1000. There is also a Mexican number but this is most reliable. I am extremely happy with DeliveryUSAMexico

    Ophelia Clarke
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