• Glenn Wilson
    Glenn Wilson here. On January 1, I asked INSABI a question. I received the answer yesterday.
    January 1, 2:59 PM:
    Q: Good afternoon. Does INSABI only cover citizens of Mexico? Does it also cover permanent or temporary residents with CURP? Thank you.

    January 14, 6:59 pm:
    A: INSABI attends to all people who are in national territory and who do not have social security*.

    If you do not have social security and need attention you can go to:

    • Health centers
    • Health Centers with Extended Services (CESSA)
    • IMSS Welfare Medical Units (http://www.imss.gob.mx/imss-bienestar)
    • Medical Specialties Units (UNEMES)
    • Rural, community and general hospitals

    You must only present the INE credential, the Unique Population Registration Code (CURP) or your birth certificate to receive public health services at no cost.
    * (Update to clarify): "who do not have social security" is clearly, based on other roll-out materials, a reference to not being a member of the Mexican federal system IMSS or Issste. Having U.S. Social Security is not a factor.
    The dialog was in Spanish and via Facebook messenger at INSABI. Here is the original dialog in Spanish.

    Enero 1, 2:59PM:
    Buenas tardes. ¿INSABI solo cubre a ciudadanos de México? ¿También cubre a residentes permanentes o temporales con CURP? Gracias.

    Enero 14, 6:59 pm:
    El INSABI atiende a todas las personas que se encuentren en territorio nacional y que no cuenten con seguridad social.

    Si usted no cuenta con seguridad social y requiere atención puede acudir a:

    • Centros de Salud
    • Centros de Salud con Servicios Ampliados (CESSA)
    • Unidades Médicas de IMSS Bienestar (http://www.imss.gob.mx/imss-bienestar)
    • Unidades de Especialidades Médicas (UNEMES)
    • Hospitales rurales, comunitarios y generales

    Únicamente deberá presentar credencial del INE, Clave Única de Registro de Población (CURP) o su acta de nacimiento para recibir los servicios públicos de salud sin costo.
    The answer seems pretty clear and is consistent with other statements I have seen. But what actually happens and when is still the subject of quite a bit of confusion.

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  • Ira Goldman
    good morning Glenn,
    My wife and I have Permanante residence, Inapam cards, and drivers licenses. Since I was not familiar with CURP I did some googling and found this article. My confusion is that it says you need a CURP to
    get all the items I have but don't have a CURP, confused. Any input.
  • Glenn Wilson
    See this from Qroo Paul:
    Finding and Printing Your CURP to Access Mexican Public Healthcare.

    You probably have a CURP. It is probably on your PR card. Ours is.

    I understand you can use the PR card (if it has your CURP) for ID for INSABI, but most people advise not carrying your PR card around unless absolutely necessary because it can be very difficult to replace if lost or stolen. So, you can access your CURP online, get a PDF and print it out. Qroo Paul tells you how.

    I'm not sure why some PR cards might not have a CURP on them -- maybe older cards don't have it?
  • Glenn Wilson
    I was asked via email:
    "The 'all people in the territory' a clarification. Are they going to attend to the emergencies of tourists while in the country?"

    First, to clarify, this is the federal policy but not all states have agreed to this yet. See: Brief News and Views Jan 11, 2020: The State will not sign an agreement to centralize health services to Insabi. So there is still quite a bit of uncertainty.

    Second, the intent with regards to tourists is not clear to me.

    In addition to a CURP (which tourists would not have) you can also provide a birth certificate but it is not clear to me if a foreign birth certificate would work. But if a foreign birth certificate works, and if a tourist has one, then maybe this could apply to tourists as well?

    Shorter answer: I don't know.
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