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    Jan 14, 2020:
    • Free eBook: 2020 Mexico Immigration Guide,
    • National Guard arrives in SMA,
    • 200 Airbnb houses in ​​SMA regularized,
    • La Aurora was once an important industrial center,
    • Permission denied to mining company in Dolores Hidalgo,
    • Informal jobs increase in GTO,
    • 'Prolifera' chaos in huachicol data,
    • Mexico’s New Criminal Justice System Garners Mixed Reactions in 2019,
    • China’s Consumers Slam Automakers Sales Drop Hard, 2nd Year,
    • Frosty.

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    2020 Mexico Immigration Guide is Published as Free eBook
    The 2020 Mexico Immigration Guide is published, fully revised and updated, and available as a free eBook.

    This latest edition of the Mexico Immigration Guide encompasses the current immigration rules and also provides practical advice based on real-life experiences of people applying for and obtaining residency status in Mexico. It’s fully integrated with Mexperience and contains enhancements we added after listening to our readers’ feedback.
    2020 Mexico Immigration Guide is Published as Free eBook.

    That the National Guard always arrives!
    The captain of the @GN_MEXICO_, Efrén Vázquez, informed that 25 elements and four vehicles belonging to said instance will be added to the surveillance work in SanMiguelDeAllende.
    The captain of the National Guard, Efrén Vázquez, informed that 25 elements and four vehicles belonging to that instance will be added to the surveillance work in San Miguel de Allende.

    Captain Efrén Vázquez appeared this morning at the premises of the Ministry of Public Security of San Miguel de Allende to coordinate the support required.

    Similarly, he was informed that the Municipality will provide all its support both in operation, as well as in tours and legal advice in referrals and made available to alleged criminals before the competent authorities.
    That the National Guard always arrives! (sp).
    See also: Tomorrow they begin joint work elements of the National Guard and Police of SMA (sp).

    200 houses of AIRBNB in ​​SMA regularized
    Those who wish to rent a home through the digital platform must pay a permit that costs 10,000 pesos.
    The municipal government of San Miguel de Allende, reported that they have regularized more than 200 rental houses on the AIRBNB digital platform in the historic center of San Miguel de Allende , the permit costs 10,000 pesos. Currently there is a register of 3,500 houses for rent on this platform throughout the municipality. ...

    He added that the closing of the houses will also continue, since to date 10 houses have been closed, of which 9 have already met their requirements and only one is in the process of regularization.
    200 houses of AIRBNB in ​​SMA regularized.

    La Aurora was once San Miguel’s most important industrial operations center
    The La Aurora textile factory was one of San Miguel de Allende’s most important industrial operations from its opening in 1902 to its closure in 1991. In 2004, it was reinaugurated in its current form as something of an art shopping mall.

    This iteration of La Aurora was spearheaded by Francisco Garay and a number of San Miguel’s North American migrant artists.
    La Aurora was once San Miguel’s most important industrial operations center.
    See also: Atlas Obscura: Fábrica La Aurora, and, SMAFAQ: Fábrica La Aurora Art Walk.

    Semarnat denies permission to mining company in Dolores Hidalgo
    @SEMARNAT_mx denies mining permit to #Argonut in #DoloresHidalgo, despite representing a triumph for activists, the struggle continues.
    Dolores Hidalgo, Gto. Last night, groups and civil associations that have been fighting against the exploitation of the Cerro del Gallo Mine in the San Anton de las Minas community of this municipality, announced the resolutions regarding the mining exploitation permit and change of land use required before Semarnat by the Canadian miner Argonaut Gold, where the authorization is denied, as indicated in the documentary opinion of this institution finalized since 19 last December and published on the same page from on January 8 of this year.

    But the activists believe that while this resolution is positive to their struggle, they will continue with more determination, organization and strategies, with various actions, since this decision can be appealed by Minera Argonaut Gold itself.
    Semarnat denies permission to mining company in Dolores Hidalgo (sp).
    The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources denied authorization for mining and land use change, at Cerro del Gallo in the San Antón de las Minas area, in the municipality of Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato, a project that has been found a strong opposition between inhabitants of the region of the Independence Basin and experts nationwide, because it would use an open pit mining technique called "heap leaching", banned in many countries by the degree of pollution generated in Heaven, earth and water.
    Frena Semarnat open pit mine in Dolores Hidalgo: puts water, soil, fauna and flora at risk (sp).

    Informal jobs increase in Guanajuato
    The informal economy means that taxes are not paid, it also implies that the country's legal framework is not met.

    In Guanajuato 50.4% of the jobs there are created in informality.

    The 22.5% of the Gross Domestic Product of the country is generated in the informal economy, this means that for every 100 pesos come from 22 persons employed in the informal sector .
    Informal jobs increase in Guanajuato (sp),

    'Prolifera' chaos in huachicol data
    In Guanajuato, 1,547 clandestine shots had been counted until October 2018, but since then Pemex stopped disseminating information about this crime.

    In the municipalities of Guanajuato there is no approved criterion on how the information related to the clandestine shots found in each territory should be processed, although this activity represents a risk for the population living in the areas where they pass Pemex pipelines, and that can lead to other types of criminal behavior.

    This was confirmed by Correo after requesting to each municipality of the entity the registration of cases of milking of pipelines, which evidenced that there is a total disparity in the handling of data .
    'Prolifera' chaos in huachicol data (sp).

    Mexico’s New Criminal Justice System Garners Mixed Reactions in 2019
    Human rights activist Alejandro Martí, head of the organization México SOS, has been a critic of the overhauled justice system, arguing that it plays a role in perpetuating impunity in Mexico. “The fundamental problem of the [NSJP] is the corruption,” he said in June 2019. “And corruption produces this terrible impunity, which I have said for years. Impunity is a result of all the wrongs of Mexico.” A recent study by México Evalúa found that more than 90% of crimes committed in 31 of Mexico’s 32 states and federal entities were left unresolved. In seven states, impunity rates top 99%. ...

    A strong supporter of the New Criminal Justice System, however, is the president of Mexico’s Supreme Court (Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nación, SCJN). Justice Arturo Zaldívar, who joined the bench in 2009, came to the justice system’s defense.

    “With the unfortunate situation our country encounters with high levels of insecurity and impunity, there is no shortage of voices that claim the new [justice] system is responsible for these ills,” said Justice Zaldívar. “What is certain is that the new criminal justice system is neither the cause nor the effect of that problems that we face. More likely, it is the probable solution to them.” He continued, emphasizing that a strong and effective criminal justice system is critical to achieving peace and justice. “If we want a better country, if we want a country in which laws are respected, if we want a country where we live in harmony with peace and justice,” he said, “we should advance on the path on which we’ve come, we should perfect the accusatorial criminal system, [and] we should respect and value the richness of due process, the presumption of innocence, and the right to defense.”
    Mexico’s New Criminal Justice System Garners Mixed Reactions in 2019.

    China’s Consumers Slam Automakers, Sales Drop Hard, 2nd Year.
    “Challenging environment with weakened consumer demand”: This nosedive in a vast industry, affecting consumers and manufacturing, is happening even as GDP officially booms at 6%?

    These auto sales don’t portray a growing consumer economy. Luxury is doing well. But the numbers are small, and overall sales are now down for the second year in a row, by a combined 13%, in a market that could only grow before.

    China’s auto industry weighs more heavily in China than the US auto industry in the US: The vast majority of vehicles that are sold in China are made in China. And the global component industry has resettled in China. China’s economy is still smaller than the US economy, but its auto industry is far larger. And this nose-dive in this vast industry that affects consumers and manufacturing is happening as GDP is officially booming at a rate of 6%? Something is amiss.
    China’s Consumers Slam Automakers, Sales Drop Hard, 2nd Year.

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