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    Cat Calhoun: One of my New Years’ goals is to walk more. We live in Morelia, Michoacán, a city with excellent public transportation and walkability. Because the public transport is so good, it’s easy to go for weeks at a time and walk no more than to and from my kitchen and to and from the combi stop a mere half of a block from my front door. (A “combi” is a passenger van that holds up to 30 people.) This morning I walked from my house to a local Starbucks then over to our 2ce/weekly mercadito for a dose of produce.

    To get to the Starbucks from my house I have to cross a big street. I mean, this would be considered to be a minor highway in the United States. It’s 4 lanes, often with a grassy/tree’d median or turn lane in the middle, and access roads to businesses on both sides. Because Mexico has more of a walking culture than the US does, they build frequent walkway across roads like this for pedestrian traffic. This one is a lovely walk up in the trees. You can see a hint of the mountains in the background.

    Some of my peeps in the United States still seem to think I’m living in a developing nation. Not exactly! This is the view from 1/2 way across the pedestrian walk. See all of those yellow leafed trees in this shot? Those are jacarandas. In a couple of weeks those trees will be an explosion of purple leaves and blooms and that’s most of what you’ll see on this street. I love spring in Mexico!

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