• Glenn Wilson
    Don Day: Gourmet food courts. They’re usually called Mercado This or Mercado That in Mexico. The concept originally sounded absolutely amazing to me. Take a few good chefs making a lot of the world’s best dishes and put them all in one place sharing tables and chairs, sharing gas and electricity bills, sharing parking and advertising, and, most importantly, sharing customers. The best laid plans of mice and men and restauranteurs…well, you know what often happens to those plans.

    As good as the concept of gourmet food courts sounded, many of them have been dismal failures. In Mexico City. In Oaxaca. And here in San Miguel de Allende. Our first, Mercado Centro, came and went. The second, Mercado Sano survives, but the restaurants on the second floor are as busy as a baseball diamond in December.

    Though I’m sure it hasn’t been a roaring success, San Miguel’s Mercado Del Carmen is, at the very least, still existing well into its third year. Tenants have come and gone, including two with established restaurants in other parts of town, but it’s rare that I’ve ever seen any of the space in the building unoccupied.

    One of Mercado Del Carmen’s newest tenants is Chikatana. ...

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