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    “Early” detection is actually really late. Without mammograms, breast cancer may not be caught for an average of 22.8 years, but with mammograms, breast cancer may only grow and spread for 21.4 years.

    Dr. Greger: Critics of mammogram breast cancer screening claim that on a population scale, it’s never been shown to actually prolong women’s lives on average. But, look at this clear drop in breast cancer mortality in the UK, right when routine mammograms were introduced. Same here in Denmark: a nice drop in breast cancer mortality right after screening started.

    That didn’t appear to be the case in Switzerland, though, where breast cancer mortality was declining years before routine mammograms were introduced. Hmm. So, let’s go back and look at that UK graph. “It is tempting to conclude that breast screening” caused the drop, but it is a little suspicious that the drop happens immediately. I mean, you’d expect it to take a few years to manifest. And, if you split it up by age group, the whole thing falls apart.

    Here’s what the graph looks like. And, this is the only age group that started screening at that time. So, there were drops in other age groups, too, that weren’t getting mammograms. Same with the Denmark data. This is the line for the areas that got screened; this is the line for the areas that didn’t get screened. You see the same drop in breast cancer mortality with or without. What’s going on?

    Continue at NutritionFacts: Why Mammograms Don’t Appear to Save Lives.

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