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    What do 9 in 10 women say they were never told about mammograms, even though they thought they had the right to know?

    Dr. Greger: Fueled by “good intentions” (and “economic conflicts of interest” with the multibillion dollar mammogram industry), “many women [are] being given diagnoses of breast cancer” unnecessarily, “producing unwarranted fear and stress and exposing them to treatment” they don’t need. This is the overdiagnosis problem I’ve been talking about: “the detection of pseudodisease”—mammogram-detected “abnormalities” that look like cancer under the microscope. And so, you’re diagnosed with cancer, you’re treated for cancer, but it was just pseudodisease, and would “never progress to [actually] cause symptoms. The “human costs” include “mastectomies and [even] deaths. The chance that a woman will benefit from [mammograms may be] small—[in fact, may be] ten times smaller than the risk that she may experience serious harm in terms of [this] overdiagnosis.

    “How many would elect to [go in for a mammogram] if they knew that for every one woman who is notionally saved by early detection, anywhere from 2 to 10 otherwise healthy women are being turned into breast cancer patients [unnecessarily]?”

    Well, first of all: “Are patients [even told] about [the possibility of] overdiagnosis by their physicians…?” I mean, it is, after all, “now recognized as the most serious downside of [mammogram] screening.” Well, hundreds were asked, and less than one out of 10 said that they had been informed about it. And, when they were told about it, a little more than half said they wouldn’t agree to screening if it resulted “in more than 1 overtreated person per 1 life saved.” “Wow. That implies that millions of Americans might not choose to be screened if they knew the whole story; however, [90%] do not.”

    Continue at NutritionFacts: Women Deserve to Know the Truth About Mammograms.

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