• Glenn Wilson
    Mexpatriate Steve: I had decided to take my then-girlfriend Susan on a two-week trip to Italy. So, I did what every middle-class middle-aged American did back then. I walked to a travel agency, picked up a glossy, color catalog outlining the allures of Italy, and booked an appointment with an agent to purchase, as the brochure would have it, my "one in a life time trip." The brochure was oblivious to the fact that I had been to Italy several times.

    When my appointment rolled around in two days, I sat down with my assigned agent, who asked me more questions than a policemen at a sobriety roadblock. She then threaded together reservations for airline flights, train rides, and hotel stays that would allow Susan and me to spend time in Rome, Venice, Florence, and Milan. The whole process made me feel like a spectator.

    The year is the most important part of that tale. 1991.

    Continue at mexpatriate — in the key of steve: you don't need an off ramp if you never get on the highway. More #mexpatriate.

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