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    Lorie Topinka: I had been to the garden of Michael FitzGerald and Regan Morris a few months ago and was definitely looking forward to our morning painting session last week. On ¾ of a sloping acre, this is a garden primarily of cacti, agaves, and succulents in a variety of multi-colored and textured beds along narrow paths. Each bed or view is so pleasing to the eye that it is difficult to choose where to paint.

    It’s not hard to guess that Regan worked for many years as a painter. Now this garden has become his canvas with the plants of Mexico his color palette.

    I tried to pick a view and a bed that would show the rich colors and textures as well as hint at the rockwork and paths that crisscross the property. This was probably the most challenging garden painting day yet.

    In this vignette of a small bed sandwiched between a narrow snaking path and a rock wall, the most numerous plants are Opuntia macrocentra, a type of prickly pear with purple and blue-green pads, Senecio mandraliscae or Blue Chalk Sticks, Sedum reflexum or Blue Spruce Stonecrop, and Sedum rubrotinctum or Pork and Beans. Included are a few of the many barrel cacti on the property and two ponytail palms. While just a small snippet of the garden, this view is characteristic of the complexity and delight awaiting in the beds as one explores the garden.

    Click through to continue reading and see the delightful garden watercolors. Travels along the Laja: Gardens And Gardening—Making Your World. More #TravelsAlongTheLaja.

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