• Glenn Wilson
    Mexpatriate Steve: It is that time of year again.

    We may not live in Downton Abbey. But most of we northerners who live in Mexico have our own Carsons, Annas, and Thomases.

    But, in our case, it is the Doras, Antonios, and Omars who tend our gardens, drive our cars, cook our meals, and clean our homes. Now that the calendar rolled over to December. it is time to meet our legal obligations by paying the people who work for us their annual aguinaldo -- an amount that must be paid no later than 20 December.

    There are several myths surrounding these payments. And I know, no matter what I say, people who believe something else will go on thinking what they want to think. There is, of course, a very high probability that I am perpetuating a whole set of other myths myself.

    Even though I am a lawyer, I am not a labor lawyer, and I know nothing about Mexican law other than what I have researched, heard, and experienced.

    So, this is my lay take on the minefield of aguinaldos. ...

    Continue at mexpatriate — in the key of steve: an aguinaldo in a pear tree. More #mexpatriate.

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