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    Based on former Daily Show head writer David Javerbaum’s 2011 book that was heralded as “like the Bible, if the Bible were narrated by Mel Brooks on crack-laced manna,” AN ACT OF GOD features Erik Zavala as the Creator himself with a little help from two “Genesistants,” Rodrigo Demian and Sebastian Vallin, the archangels Gabriel and Michael. The production explores religion’s influence on some of society’s most poignant tragedies, like alleged divinely inspired homicides and prejudices against communities that don’t conform to the heteronormative mold. As the action unfolds, Zavala reveals a new set of 10 commandments that reflects a 21st-century outlook, emphasizing LGBTQ rights, the United States’ shortcomings, the absurdity of prayer, and the origins of a post-God state.
    AN ACT OF GOD, played to sold out houses in 2017 and is back with the dynamic original cast; ERIK ZAVALA, RODRIGO DEMIAN & SEBASTIAN VALLIN. ALAN JORDAN will direct his adaptation of this comedy, customized for San Miguel. The play is performed in English with lots of Spanish spice.
    Here is a sampling of comments from our production in 2017;

    “Absolutely fabulous!” Rosita Alexander

    “I’ve never laughed sooo much. Don’t miss this. Great fun.”
    Puri Smith

    “To say it’s irreverent is an understatement. People, including me, roared with laughter.” Jo Sanders

    "This show is incredible....so funny and full of thought provoking symbolism.” Yvette Pizarro

    • “Wow. This is must-see theater in SMA.” • Jill and Michael Gottlieb.

    “...absolutely delightful, fun -- deliciously irreverent evening, riffing on God, religion and the bible.”
    Taylor Korobow

    “Great play, great actors highly recommended” Edna Zambrano

    “A pleasure to actually be laughing for 1 1/2 hours.” Linda Sorin

    DECEMBER 18-19-20-21-22 FIVE MATINEES at 3 PM

    RESERVED SEATING: sheltervg4.com
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