• Glenn Wilson
    Don Day: I’m a meat and potatoes guy. But I’m also a nosey guy. So even though I don’t eat a lot of fruit, there are some fruits I’ve always been dying to try. Simply because I’m an inquisitive foodie.

    You might have been there. Walking through a Mexican fruit and veg market when some array of traffic light colors catch your eye. Those look tasty you think. But what do I do with them? Do I peel them, stew them, pit them, juice them?

    Sometimes they have signs on them. Exotic words that make you want to finally learn how to roll your rrrrrrrrs. Words like carambola and ciruela. Words like guayaba and guanabana, zapote and chicozapote. When I see or hear their names, my curiosity just grows and grows and grows.

    So what if you could walk through a door of a restaurant and taste so many of those mystery fruits with the restaurant doing all the necessary nasty picking, pitting and peeling for you. That’s what I did in San Miguel de Allende recently.

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