• Paula nunes
    My name is Paula Nunes, and I am currently a volunteer at Caminos de Agua. I would like to nominate Caminos de Agua for the month of October. I nominate them because I see their work as very important, both for Mexicans and expats.

    Caminos de Agua believes that access to safe, healthy drinking water should be a fundamental human right. The Caminos de Agua mission is to provide open-source solutions for communities at-risk on our aquifer in Central Mexico, and provide those solutions for others confronting similar water challenges throughout the world.

    Drawing on years of well water monitoring, community work, university collaborations, and research & development, Caminos de Agua has developed a three-tiered approach to assuring safe, healthy, and accessible drinking water; ceramic filters, research and development on a low-cost arsenic and fluoride filter, and rainwater harvesting systems.

    Currently, Caminos de Agua is improving their ceramic filter design. These improvements make it possible to attach their ceramic filter to nearly any container with no training. Additionally, besides only removing bacteria, these improvements make it possible to remove also organic chemicals, and it can even be modified to remove arsenic, fluoride, and other contaminants. With the size and weight of a 1-liter bottle of water, Aguadapt can produce more than 27,000-liters of drinking water over its lifetime at a price accessible for a family living on less on $2 USD per day.To learn more about the improvements to their ceramic filter: https://youtu.be/zlkJL3s0bqM

    For more information, visit www.caminosdeagua.org.
    If you would like to contact them, visit www.caminosdeagua.org/en/contact.
    If you would like to support them, visit www.caminosdeagua.org/en/donate.
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