• Just Don’t Fly, The Petrie Dish Of Travel
    Rita, I’ve heard about crowded conditions on United, though my flight was empty. Southwest has a policy of middle seat free and the flight was nearly empty going to Oakland from Alburquerque. All but one airport was crowded in the US and without social distancing that I flew into and out of: Houston, Denver, Oakland. Alburquerque was the exception.
  • Just Don’t Fly, The Petrie Dish Of Travel
    Rita, I just flew in on Volaris, too, on Sunday night and had the exact same experience. Both airports were nightmares, Oakland and Leon, people crammed every step of the way. I flew out on United from Queretaro and it was a very different experience. The Queretaro airport follows protocols, mostly, until boarding where it got crammed. Like you, I intend to not fly again until this scourge is over and vaccines make living safe again.
  • Men’s XLarge Face Masks & Custom Masks
    And if you want to come to Abrazos for anything besides masks, we are open now from 11am to 5pm for fabrics, gifts and custom orders of anything your heart desires in our fabrics!
  • Missing mezcal
    I will never forget having mezcal at your home in Oaxaca with Jody and my friend Van. Great conversations, hilarious stories, muy rico mezcal!
  • Men’s XLarge Face Masks & Custom Masks
    I forgot to mention that we will deliver to your home and ship anywhere in the US, Canada or Mexico! Thank you for being a kind person and caring for our communities by wearing masks wherever you go.
  • Feeding Your Hungry Neighbors
    It’s a Kindness Pandemic, Wendy, and you are playing a rol! I’m proud to know you and happy to imagine those families being fed by you and your group. Buen Trabajo!’
  • How Can I Get in Touch With Patrice Wynne
    Athea, can you post your email here? I’ll send it to the two interested friends.
  • Charming Furnished Casita Available Now
    What colonia, por favor?
  • Seeking Dermatologist
    Athea, I have had outstanding experiences with Dr Ixtel at Hospital Mac. She is a fine diagnostician and very complete in her examination. Responds to email inquiries post visit with thoughtful replies. Highly recommended. Buena Suerte!
  • COVID-19 Symptoms vs. the Flu, a Cold, or Allergies
    Very important video to watch and then...stay home and wear a mask if you go anywhere!
  • Rotary Meeting Speaker - POST-COVID 19 - LESSONS LEARNED
    Ron, Looks wonderful, thank you for hosting this event. I’d like to post on my FB page but can you kindly clarify the times? It says 9.30am in the post; 8.30-10am in the Event at the bottom. Appreciated.
  • The life of masks in San Miguel
    What a wonderful article, Ria! Yes masks really are a necessity for living today. Great line about “forget matching shoes!” Abrazos on Zacateros 24, open 11am to 3pm, makes Mexican themed masks, like the ones you’re wearing, in every possible theme: Cactus, Cerveza, Frida, Muertos, Lucha, Artistic. Our masks provide employment to 13 seamstress families and 85 family members. And we deliver every day in San Miguel and ship every day to the US. Come visit! AbrazosSanMiguel.com
    Thought provoking assessment. Gracias!
  • Abrazos Opens with Safety Protocols
    Abrazos has optimism for our future thanks to YOU, our Face Mask customers, buyers in San Miguel and on our website. We are open FOR ALL ABRAZOS SHOPPING (fabrics, table napkins, aprons, clothing, pillow cases, gifts, etc) Monday to Saturday, 11am to 3pm, with high sanitary protocols. We have no intention of reducing protocols until the virus danger is SIGNIFICANTLY reduced for the protection of staff, seamstresses, customers. Visit us safely! AbrazosSanMiguel.com We deliver In San Miguel daily. We ship to US daily. New Face Mask designs arriving daily. Don’t leave home without one! THANK YOU again for keeping our 16 families sewing and selling Face Masks these months. Onwards & Upwards!
  • Abrazos Face Masks Boutique, Zacateros 24
    Gracias, Suzanne. “Don’t worry, be masked!” It’s a new world and we’re grateful to bring joy and contribute to a safe community through our original double layered face mask designs.
  • Abrazos Face Masks Boutique, Zacateros 24
    Alix, it makes my heart glad to read your beautiful comment. I agree with you. Smile. I think that face masks are going to be with us for a long time. The 21st century,s “Don’t leave home without it!” And let’s enjoy wearing them, celebrate the traditions of Mexico, be safe, comfortable, and look our best. It’s what we strive to do with our face masks designs at Abrazos! Thank you for choosing us.
  • Help Support Audubon de Mexico
    Working with children AND the environment! What could be better!
  • What are your favorite SMA restaurants?
    Thanks so much for this idea and these lists of places. It would be most useful if folks would also list the street that the restaurants are located on. Gracias!
  • Where to buy a Mac Book Pro?
    Buena Suerte! It might take a week but they can get from other stores in Mexico City. The IShop store is in the Antara Mall and Im told us quite large, though I’ve never been. I buy all my Mac products in Mexico for service reasons and facturacions and I know they also will ship to San Miguel, if you find something online.
  • Where to buy a Mac Book Pro?
    Hello Everyone! I am the owner of Abrazos San Miguel, located on Zacateros 24 near Pila Seca. We are best known for our men.s shirts, frequently worn around town by cool dudes in Day of the Dead, Lucha Libre, Cactus, Chiles and other Mexican themes. We are also the place to go for aprons, tea towels, oven mitts, table napkins and many other textile creations for home and kitchen including pillow cases and doggie bandanas! Everything we create is made locally by families of seamstresses working in a fair trade system. I’m writing to say that we have now introduced a collection of 12 discounted fabrics in themes for the upcoming holidays celebrating Mexican traditions for those that would like to make their own clothing and home decor such as throw pillows and curtains, or Catrina costumes for the celebrations around the corner! 100% fine quality cotton, not available anywhere in Mexico. We look forward to meeting you and please say hello when you come visit! We are open every day 10 am to 6pm and Sundays 10 am to 5pm. Or visit us online, AbrazosSanMiguel.com . ¡Viva México!
  • Where to buy a Mac Book Pro?
    Apple products are sold at Liverpool and Office Depot in San Miguel, though you may have to order the exact device you want. They tend to be 30% more expensive than in the US. You would have custom fees and possibly shipping fees if ordered from Amazon MX or US. They are also sold at several stores in Queretaro including IShop which also offers tech support and services, one advantage.
  • Helicopters over SMA?
    That often means that there are high level political meetings happening. I have been told that there is a location behind Bellas Artes where these meetings are held. There are often military trucks along Hernandez Macias which are indicators. But in the end, the very useful Mexican phrase, quien sabe?, may need to be applied. We may never know for sure.